• Jeff Volosin

  • Posted on May 05, 2015
  • Jeff Volosin was born in New Jersey.

    Jeff grew up in Southern California. In High School, he swam and played varsity water polo all four years. He was the Most Valuable Player of his team senior year. He graduated high school in 2007.

    After high school Jeff attended City college from 2007-2011. There he played water polo and swam for two years.

    In 2011, Jeff Volosin received a scholarship to Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio. There, Jeffrey earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in Public Relations. Jeff became a Lifeguard in 2009.

    Jeff works part time at a family owned commercial embroidery business.

    Water polo was the biggest part of Jeff’s life growing up. He started playing water polo when he was 12 years old. Jeff Volosin played for 12 years. In middle school, he played club water polo. When he got to high school he played water polo for his high school team and for club water polo teams. Playing water polo taught Jeffrey how to be a leader and to work with a team.

    Jeff Volosin has multiple interests; he is a big sports fan. His favorite sport to watch is NFL football. Jeff is a New York Giants fan. He is also a baseball fan, he has two teams he roots for, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians. He questions the Angles because the Los Angles Angeles of Anaheim makes no sense to him.

    Jeff Volosin spends a good amount of time at the beach. One of his favorite activities is riding his bike on the strand, day or night. Jeff loves when he has a group of his friends to ride with. It makes for a fun time.

    When Jeff goes to the beach he always brings his fins and hand plane to go body surfing. He got his hand plane about a year ago and he loves it. Jeff says that the hand plane makes body surfing a whole new experience. He can go much faster with it and stay in the waves much longer with more control.

    Most people dislike Tuesdays. It’s still the beginning of the week with three more days of work in front of you. Jeffrey Volosin likes Tuesdays because this means its taco night. Taco Tuesday. Jeffrey enjoys going out for tacos and drinks with his friends Tuesday evenings. He has a few local places he enjoys going to. It’s a good time for catching up with friends and enjoying well made tacos.

    Jeff Volosin


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